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Motivators Collection

Polluting the Blogosphere

Warhammer 40k

+++Current Projects+++

Burning of Prospero - Heresy Era Legio Custodes (10/2019)

Kharn's 8th Company - Heresy Era World Eaters (2/2019)

Argel Tal's 7th Company - Heresy Era Word Bearers (1/2019)

+++Completed/Shelved Projects+++

Blackstone Fortress (1/2019)

Rogue Trader - Kill Team (11/2018) Sold!

House Vyronii (9/2018) Sold!

Heresy Era Dark Angels (7/2018) Sold!

Exodite Eldar (6/2018) Donated!

Heresy Era Iron Warriors (4/2018) Donated!!

Sons of Horus (2/2018) Sold!

Prospero Spireguard 15th Assault Infantry (2/2018) Sold!

Inq28 / 40k:RP Warbands (1/2018) Shelved

The Khamasiin - Heresy Era Thousand Sons (10/2017) Sold!

Forces of the Zhao-Arkkad Mechanicum (5/2017) Complete!

The Brotherhood of the Argent Spiral (11/2017) Sold!

Mordian 7th Guard Regiment, D Company (8/2013) Sold! (10/2017) But wait, there's more!

Blood Ravens (9/2017) Sold!

Adeptus Custodes (2/2017) Shelved

Heresy Era Imperial Fists (2/2017) Sold!

Heresy Era Thousand Sons (11/2016) Sold!

The Rout (11/2016) Complete!

Deathwatch (10/2016) Sold!

The Kabal of the Splintered Talon (7/2016) Shelved

Children of the Laughing God (6/2016) Shelved

NOCF 2016 Orks (5/2016) Complete

Ghosar Quintus Broodkin (3/2016) Sold!

The Emperor of Mankind (1/2016) Complete

Heresy Era Alpha Legion (12/2015) Sold/Shelved

Heresy Era Geno Five-Two Chiliad (1/2016) Sold!

Adeptus Mechanicus War Convocation (8/2015) Sold!

Heresy Era Imperial Fists (7/2015) Sold!

Heresy-Era Mechanicum (5/2015) Sold!

Knight Household Krast (1/2015) Sold!

Heresy Era Thousand Sons (2/2015) Sold!

Heresy Era Salamanders (2014) Sold!

Tzeentch Renegades - The Reborn (1/2014) Shelved

Tempus Fugitives Era Adeptus Mechanicus Exporator Force Psi Phi (7/2014) Repurposed

Da Deff Korps Uv Krieg (3/2014) Sold!

Heresy Era Iron Hands (1/2014) Sold!

Iron Hands (9/2013) Sold

Craftworld Alaitoc Eldar (7/2013) Sold!

Heresy Era Auxila (6/2013) Shelved

Dark Angels (3/2013) Sold!

Forces of the Imperium (1/2013) Shelved

Heresy-Era Emperor's Children (7/2012) Shelved

Heresy-Era World Eaters (6/2012) Shelved

Waaaagh Mo'dakka (6/2012) Sold!

Heresy-Era Thousand Sons (3/2012) Sold!

The Kabal of the Crimson Woe (12/2011) Sold!

Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force Chi Xi (7/2011) Sold!

Mordian 7th Guard Regiment, C Company (2010) Sold!

Crimson Fists (2008) Sold!

Forces of the Inquisition (2008) Shelved

Traitor Guard (2008) Sold

Tzeentch Renegades (2008) Sold

Adeptus Custodes (2008) Sold



Vostroyan Firstborn Regiment

The Praetorian Project - Leviathan Command Centre SHELVED

Cadian Rough Riders



+++Famous Battles+++

Adepticon 2019

NOVA Open 2018

Dark Angels Vs Space Wolves 5/28/2018

Zone Mortalis 2/25/2017

Isstvan III 12/03/2017

NOVA Open 2017

Adepticon 2017

Zone Mortalis 2/26/2017

Armies On Parade 10/15/2016

NOVA 2016 9/1/2016

The Alkoss Resurgence 4/30/2016

Prospero Spireguard vs. Space Wolves 4/9/2016

Las Vegas Open 2015

Feast of Blades 10/12/2014

GenCon 2014 8/15/2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons vs. Salamanders 7/4/2014

 World of Battle - Memphis 1/17/2014

Feast Of Blades 10/12/2013

GenCon 2013 8/18/2013

Craftworld Eldar vs Blood Angels 07/05/2013

Mordian 7th vs Blood Angels 01/01/2013

Mordian 7th vs Blood Angels 11/10/2012

Feast Of Blades 10/27/2012

World Eaters vs. Blood Angels 7/4/2012

Ye Olde Trip to England, 2012

Ye Olde Trip to England, 2012 - Dave's Pics

Dark Eldar Vs Guard 1/31/2011

AotE:Godhammer - Skyhook Playtests

Thousand Sons vs Blood Angels

4th of July Rumble 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus vs. SirBiscuit


Adeptus Mechanicus vs. Blood Angels

Mordian 7th vs. Blood Angels

Waaagh NazDakka vs. Hive Fleet Moxley

Vostroyan Firstborn vs. Sisters of Battle

Vostroyan Firstborn vs. Hive Fleet Moxley

The Purge of Astoria Sector



Necromunda v2

Dust Falls



Dark Heresy Campaign 2020

Dark Heresy Campaign 2017-2018

Rogue Trader Campaign 2016-2017

Dark Heresy Campaign

Replica Weapons

Imperial Propaganda

Dark Heresy Handouts

40k:RP Miniatures






Star Wars

Nav Computer


BattleTech (2/2015)





DreadTober 2019




Inquisitor Scale (54mm)

The Inquisition


Terrain Projects

Terrain (12/2012)


Storage Madness

The Closet of DOOM


OGRE Miniatures

The Last War


6th Edition Rulebook

6thEdRulebook.JPG (1540049 bytes)


Sedition Wars

Sedition Wars



Mercs (8/2013)



Malifaux (2/2015)



Infinity (2/2018)



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GenConShirts (1).jpg (138911 bytes)

GenConShirts (2).jpg (127785 bytes)

 PDFs and Whatnot

Heresy 30k Weekender January 2014


Ebay Sales - 201808

Ebay Sales

Other Whatnot

Dave's Blood Angels

40k Starmap

15mm Mini Auctions


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