The Arch-Heretic VanOosten, in all of his terrible majesty. Spysat Scan of likely engagement zone Initial Deployment. Sources indicate nearly all of the traitor force was obviously tainted and must be destroyed. The Grey Knight Land Raider Invictus Eternam lays waste to a traitor guard hellhound.
Bringing the battle to the heart of the enemy, Second Storm Squad teleports onto the field. Far from submitting to the will of the Grey Knights, the traitor guardsmen swarm Justicar Alexi. However, their blasphemous heresy was no match for the purity and zeal of the mailed fist of the Inquisition. The Ordo Assassinorum Operative performed admirably, singlehandedly devastating a large mob of Underhive Scum. Under cover from the Rhino, Inquisitorial Stormtroopers move on the Traitor Basilisk Emplacement.
In a sight truly terrifying to behold, a Baneblade crashes onto the battlefield. Even the battle brethren of the Grey Knights give pause to this new threat. Invictus Eternam is destroyed by the foul heresy. Retribution will be swift and terrible. Lord Inquisitor Luna steps forward to deal with the abomination. The outcome of this encounter is unknown, as the planet was fusion bombed into oblivion shortly after this record was transmitted.