Yet Another Wretched Hive...


It is a dark time for the galaxy. 
maintained a stranglehold on countless planets for 
years following the events of the CLONE WARS, bringing 
alleged peace and prosperity at the expense of freedom and autonomy.

Now, cracks are appearing in the Empire's control - The senator MON MOTHMA 
has resigned from the Imperial Senate and called for the formation of the Alliance to Restore 
the Republic (aka the REBEL ALLIANCE), while the Empire finalizes work on a terrible superweapon. 

Meanwhile, tremendous opportunities for fortune and glory exist for gentlebeings on the fringes of society as yet another 
galaxy-spanning conflict arises. The crew of the AS YET UNNAMED STARSHIP ply the spacelanes of the ARKANIS SECTOR 
attempting to pay off a debt to GARDULLA THE HUTT, unaware as yet of the part they will play in the unfolding history of the galaxy...




Asset Bundles for TTS

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